Investment Philosophy

To help clients seek their financial goals within their comfort for risk, we follow the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) as a basis for our investment management philosophy.

In Modern Portfolio Theory, success as an investor comes from choosing the right combination of asset classes in your portfolio, not from picking stocks and hoping for the best. The benefits of diversification and asset allocation are used to create portfolios that optimize potential returns while balancing your exposure to risk at a level that’s acceptable to you.


All investments, even those that are relatively safe, come with risk. If your goals require a rate of return above inflation (which is the minimum return required to preserve the value of your savings), then you have to assume some risk. And the higher returns you seek, the more risk you have to assume.

But is it possible to maximize your potential return without taking on more risk than you are comfortable with? Yes, according to Modern Portfolio Theory, by leveraging the benefits of diversification and asset allocation in a strategically managed portfolio.

Different asset classes come with different levels of risk, and have exhibited different performance over time. Combining different asset classes at different percentages in a portfolio makes it possible to balance exposure to risk and the potential for growth.

When we apply this philosophy to your portfolio, we take into account your personality, your tolerance of risk and your time horizon, along with a current analysis of market and economic conditions. These factors help guide us to a portfolio recommendation that designed for your goals and keeps you within a level of risk you can tolerate over the course of your investment plan.

Neither Modern Portfolio Theory nor our investment strategies guarantee return or protect your portfolio from losses.

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